Dr. Payal JainDentist

Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery from Agra University India, Dr. Jain moved to Canada in 2015 where she wrote and passed the dental board exams, scoring 100% in the Clinical Exam section.

Dr. Jain has acquired ten years of dentistry experience, working in multiple fields, all while prioritizing patient care. She is a firm believer in listening to her patients and advocating as well as giving them a platform to let their voices be heard when it comes to making treatment decisions. Dr. Jain actively continues to build and refine her skills within the branch of endodontics, which deals with root canals, and oral surgery by attending advanced classes.

Establishing a trusting, empathetic, and compassionate relationship with her patients is something that Dr. Jain takes very seriously. She works hard to provide everyone who comes to see her with the best of care.