Emergency Dentistry in Downtown Vancouver

Emergency Dentistry Near You

While we never expect it, a dental emergency can happen at any time. It is important to have a dentist near you that you can trust to take care of all your dental needs should an emergency strike. At Smilestone Dental, we provide emergency dentistry in Downtown Vancouver so that our patients can feel confident knowing they can turn to our qualified dental professionals whenever they need.

emergency dentistry in downtown vancouver

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

Not every dental problem is a dental emergency, and many issues can wait until the following day when your dental office is open. However, some situations require immediate attention from an emergency dentist near you.

If you are experiencing a dental problem, you can ask yourself some simple questions to determine if what you are dealing with is a dental emergency:

  • Are you in severe pain?
  • Did you lose a tooth?
  • Do you have swelling or knots around your gums or face?
  • Are you bleeding uncontrollably?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, chances are you are experiencing a dental emergency. Contact our dentist in Downtown Vancouver right away for emergency dental treatment.

emergency dentistry near you

Examples of Dental Emergencies

Here are some of the more common dental emergencies that we treat at Smilestone Dental:

  • Fractured, chipped, or cracked teeth- if you are experiencing a fractured, chipped, or cracked tooth, this may or may not be a dental emergency. If the damaged tooth is not causing you pain, then you can wait to book an appointment. However, if you are in severe pain, you need to seek emergency dental treatment.
  • Knocked-out or loose teeth- when a tooth gets knocked out or loosened due to facial trauma, you need to see an emergency dentist right away. If your tooth has completely come out, pick it up only by the crown and rinse it gently under cold water. If you are able, gently place the tooth into its socket. Otherwise, place it in a small container of milk and take it to a dentist near you right away.
  • Dental abscess- severe toothaches accompanied by an abscess can be a life-threatening problem, and you need to seek immediate emergency care. An abscess can look like a lump or pimple on your gums. In addition to pain, you may experience a high fever and foul-smelling odor. If you cannot get a hold of an emergency dentist in Downtown Vancouver, make your way to a hospital.

Visit Smilestone Dental

If you believe you may be experiencing a dental emergency, speak to a dentist near you before anything else. Our team at Smilestone Dental is happy to assist you with any of your oral health needs and ensure that your smile remains healthy and radiant for years to come. If you or a family member is experiencing a dental emergency you can reach us on call at (604) 423-4190.