Dental Crowns in Downtown Vancouver

Dental Crowns Near You

A dental crown is a form of restorative dentistry, yet it can be considered a method of cosmetic dentistry too. This treatment restores your ability to eat and talk alongside enhancing the aesthetic of your smile.

If you’re eager to gather more information about dental crowns near you, reach out to our local dental practice whenever it works best with your schedule. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Types of Dental Crowns

There are many dental crowns available, the most preferable being the ceramic dental crown, which blends in with the natural aesthetic of your surrounding teeth.

Other options for dental crowns near you include metal, resin, and porcelain crowns.

dental crowns in downtown vancouver

History of Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a special type of prosthetic that’s manufactured to slip over the top of the tooth that’s been damaged. essentially, it’s like a cap or a shield for your tooth to eliminate further harm and help preserve its internal structure.

Porcelain, ceramic, metal, or a combination of these materials can be used to fashion dental crowns near you. In the past, metal was the most frequently used to make dental prosthetics; it’s affordable and durable, but it stands out amongst your other teeth.

If you want your device to mimic the natural look of your smile, porcelain or ceramic are the two best options.

When you receive a dental crown near you, it will cover the entirety of your tooth that sits above your gums.

For more details about dental crowns in Downtown Vancouver, speak with your general dentist. They will let you know if it’s the best solution for your unique dental situation, or if another method would be more effective.

Receiving Dental Crowns At SmileStone Dental

There are multiple reasons why your dentist can recommend getting a dental crown: protecting a weakened, cracked, or worn down tooth; covering up discoloration, a misshaped tooth, or a dental implant; and anchoring a dental bridge in place.

Dental crowns require two appointments to place. Your first visit will consist of a physical examination and x-rays. These measures help your dentist put together a clear image of any damage as well as determine the level of care needed to fix your tooth.

Impressions are made of your tooth which is used to create a permanent crown that satisfies your oral dimensions. While you wait, your dentist will give you a temporary crown. After it’s made, you’ll come back for your second appointment, and it will be inserted onto your tooth.

If you require additional care, let your dentist know so they can do everything they can to keep you calm. Give your mouth some time to heal; once it does, you can treat your dental crown as a regular tooth.

Looking For an Affordable Dental Crowns Near You?

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